my roots

I was unhappy 3 years ago. I had just gotten back from the biggest event of my life (The World Championships for Ironman in Hawaii) and something that should have made a triathlete full of joy left me feeling empty. Something didn’t feel complete.

So l went on a journey to find my truth. I did everything in my power to get myself out of my rut. I visited doctors, naturopaths, journaled, quit drinking, smoking and researched different life paths I could embark on. One day I came across something called User Experience Design. Within 48hrs, I dropped my credit card and was sitting in a class of 20 learning about design. Design school gave me back my confidence, a different type of confidence, unrelated to sport. I like to think it saved me.

I ended up graduating top of my class, and received a spot on the “wall of fame” for my website design. I knew I had found my gift. Since then, I have worked for wicked brands in all across the the world. I worked for a booming tech company in Toronto as a Product Designer and left that to pursue helping other entrepreneurs and businesses build their story online.

I am your branding boss, otherwise known as Morgan.

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